The cake auction that was hosted by the youth on Sunday April 17th was a great success.

The wonderful bakers of the church made Italian Cream Cakes, a Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Chocolate and Chocolate Earthquake Cakes, Pizza Cookies, and a Vanilla Cake with Orange zest decorated to look like a Sunflower.

The youth, with the help of Lance & Rick, made a Red Velvet Cake and a Death by Chocolate Cake.

Everyone had a great time trying to outbid each other, and the youth enjoyed being the "auctioneers" and encouraging the congregation to raise the bids.

The auction and donations brought in $1,235, which exceeded their goal. The monies raised helps to offset the cost of the Presbyterian Youth Trienniun which will be held at Purdue this July.

The youth are very grateful to the congregation for your support.